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Meet Our Team

<a href="" title="Brenda S. Stoltz">Brenda S. Stoltz</a>

Brenda S. Stoltz

Chief Executive Officer
<a href="" title="Reinhardt Fritz">Reinhardt Fritz</a>

Reinhardt Fritz

Executive Administrative Assistant
<a href="" title="Ahmed Hasan">Ahmed Hasan</a>

Ahmed Hasan

Sales Manager
<a href="" title="Nada Ashraf">Nada Ashraf</a>

Nada Ashraf

Account Manager

<a href="" title="Ahmed Ashraf">Ahmed Ashraf</a>

Ahmed Ashraf

Account Manager
<a href="" title="Gabriel Ignacio Fuentes">Gabriel Ignacio Fuentes</a>

Gabriel Ignacio Fuentes

Account Manager
<a href="" title="Veronica Wairimu Gichobi">Veronica Wairimu Gichobi</a>

Veronica Wairimu Gichobi

Account Manager
<a href="" title="İpek Altan">İpek Altan</a>

İpek Altan

Production Manager

<a href="" title="Erin Stansifer">Erin Stansifer</a>

Erin Stansifer

Sr. Project Manager
<a href="" title="Michelle Delana">Michelle Delana</a>

Michelle Delana

Sr. Project Manager
<a href="" title="Buse Nur Köstekli">Buse Nur Köstekli</a>

Buse Nur Köstekli

Project Manager
<a href="" title="Rona Magdalaga">Rona Magdalaga</a>

Rona Magdalaga

Project Manager
<a href="" title="Rosmar Aular">Rosmar Aular</a>

Rosmar Aular

Project Manager
<a href="" title="Mauro Rodriguez">Mauro Rodriguez</a>

Mauro Rodriguez

Project Manager
<a href="" title="Ignacio Benitez">Ignacio Benitez</a>

Ignacio Benitez

Project Manager
<a href="" title="Dilara Koru">Dilara Koru</a>

Dilara Koru

Project Manager
<a href="" title="Esra Ceyda Kızılhan">Esra Ceyda Kızılhan</a>

Esra Ceyda Kızılhan

Project Manager
<a href="" title="Robert Anderson">Robert Anderson</a>

Robert Anderson

<a href="" title="Juan Mansilla">Juan Mansilla</a>

Juan Mansilla

Marketing Manager
<a href="" title="Esmaralda Basson">Esmaralda Basson</a>

Esmaralda Basson

Operations Manager
<a href="" title="Anastasia Stoltz">Anastasia Stoltz</a>

Anastasia Stoltz

Finance Assistant
<a href="" title="Claire Denz Amon">Claire Denz Amon</a>

Claire Denz Amon

Operations Assistant
<a href="" title="Angela Marole">Angela Marole</a>

Angela Marole

Administrative / Accounting Assistant
<a href="" title="Niang Lam Man">Niang Lam Man</a>

Niang Lam Man

Assistant Consultant
<a href="" title="Melisa Henao">Melisa Henao</a>

Melisa Henao

Partner Manager
<a href="" title="Dodge Myko Ng">Dodge Myko Ng</a>

Dodge Myko Ng

Resource Coordinator
<a href="" title="Julius Allan Salgado">Julius Allan Salgado</a>

Julius Allan Salgado

Resource Coordinator
<a href="" title="Johannah Raye Gutierrez">Johannah Raye Gutierrez</a>

Johannah Raye Gutierrez

Resource Coordinator
<a href="" title="Siniša Zelen">Siniša Zelen</a>

Siniša Zelen

Technology Manager
<a href="" title="Ömer Faruk Keser">Ömer Faruk Keser</a>

Ömer Faruk Keser

Solutions Architect
<a href="" title="Efe Enes Çamcı">Efe Enes Çamcı</a>

Efe Enes Çamcı

Solutions Architect