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How to get a document translated as quickly as possible

How to get a document translated quickly

There are times, particularly around the holidays, when new clients come to us desperate and in a rush.  Each year, we earn new clients simply by being available around the holidays, when other language service providers (LSPs) are closed and we are available and ready.  Unfortunately, these clients come to us at the last minute when they learn that their current LSP is unable to meet their deadline and now have even less time left to meet their own deadlines.  This article is dedicated to maximizing the feasibility of successfully getting documents translated well and in a rush. This article covers four tips to help you get a document translated quickly: Read more

Why choose an LSP to translate your documents

Why choose an LSP to translate your documents

Often times new clients come to us after they have decided to stop using Google, interns, internal resources, freelancer, distributors or themselves for getting translations done.  Here is a list of the most common reasons we hear new clients looking to switch to language service providers (LSPs): Read more

pharmaceutical translations case study

29 Year Partnership Helps F500 Pharmaceutical Company Stay Ahead of the Competition

Client Profile

Large multinational medical device and pharmaceutical leader that specializes in nutrition, diagnostics, medical devices, and branded generic pharmaceuticals. Read more

Planning a Back Translation

Receiving complaints, concerns, or running into legal and regulatory issues are all more good reasons to consider a back translation. This is the process where a translated document is translated back into its source language by a different translator. It helps to check how close the original translation was to the source material, and highlight any inaccuracies and mistakes. Key things to consider when planning a back translation are:
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Meaning the medical in the dictionary and Stethoscope

4 Tips for Translating Medical Device Terminology

There’s a lot at stake when translating medical device terminology. Such translations carry a high risk to human life. This means your translations need to be accurate. This guide will cover some best practices to follow when translating medical device terms. Read more