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Application of the Principles of Quality Management to the Translation Industry: Client Focus

This article discusses how we apply Client Focus, one of the principles of quality management, to BURG Translations. BURG Translations has been certified in the ISO 9001 process since 2009. This article is the first in a series documenting our application of the ISO 9001 to our translation company. Read more

project valuation without source files

Project Valuation without Source Files

Providing an estimate for a translation project can be difficult without access to the original source files. However, BURG uses several heuristics to aid in determining the scope, cost, and estimated turnaround time without available source files. The goal of the estimate is to calculate a reasonable range within which the actual values of the quote would be.  There are five factors the Client Manager will consider in order to estimate a project’s value: Read more

Why a 100% Translation Memory match is not 100% free

Computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools, particularly the translation memory (TM) feature, are one of the best technologies invented for the translation industry.  As the name implies, CAT tools assist translators, but they do not replace them.

TM stores every pair of units (words, phrases or sentences) translated between two languages so that they can be re-used in the future – either again in the same file where text repeats itself, or in future files with the same text. It acts like a big glossary (of words, phrases or sentences) that helps maintain consistency in style, terminology and minimizes the amount of repetitive work that a translator does. These reductions in repetitive work reduce time for the translator and costs for the client, but while the translation is automatically retrieved from the TM, it still needs to be checked based on the context of the new text and file. This is because different languages work differently based on context. Therefore, many times, the translator needs to make adjustments to the text according to the rules and usage of the target language.

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FCPA Enforcement

Increased FCPA Enforcement May Lead to More Foreign Language Document Reviews for Attorneys

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is likely to provide more foreign language document reviews for attorneys and translators during the new presidential administration because U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions said during a speech this month that the Justice Department would continue to prosecute corporate fraud. He added that “one area where this is critical is enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.”  Read more

4 mistakes to avoid

4 mistakes to avoid when dealing with foreign language lease agreements in the context of FASB’s ASC 842

With FASB’s new lease accounting update, ASC 842, companies may be struggling to establish procedures that make the transition easier. But with any new process, companies will make iterative improvements. Here are four mistake to avoid when dealing with foreign language lease agreements. Read more