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With an ISO 9001:2015 and EN 15038: 2006 translation process, BURG Translations has a culture of impeccably high quality and client satisfaction, providing the highest level of performance at every stage of every project for every client.
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Medical Translation Services

Facilitate critical data collection, market expansion, and help raise product awareness internationally with our specialized life science translation services. For over 20 years, our medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech clients call on us for more than medical translations but also for specialized value-added services such as translation to meet FDA health literacy standards, medical interpreting in hospitals, linguistic validation for FDA approval, online secondary research to help find what you’re looking for, enhanced machine translation for high volumes of foreign language documents, and summarization to succinctly understand high volumes of foreign language documents.

Why risk delays in drug development, poor quality trial data, and failure to get market authorization over misinformation caused by poor quality translations?  Ensure success and maximized ROI by partnering with a speedy medical translations firm with a proven record of success.

When it comes to medical or pharmaceutical translations, a translator needs to be more than a professional translator, and often times has an advanced degree in a medical field and specializes specifically in the life sciences industry.  Pharmaceutical translation projects have a unique set of needs and standards. Meeting these standards requires a perfect combination of industry experience and linguistic expertise.

The pharmaceutical industry is complex. Our team specializes in the following areas: drug discovery & preclinical, clinical trial research, regulatory & market authorization, marketing & monitoring, medical article publishing and m-learning.

Common files we translate include journal articles, patents, computer-aided drug design documents, study protocols, staff documentations , case reports and severe adverse event documents, Institutional Review Board documentation, drug dossiers, health technology assessments, regulatory and legal documents, packaging, labels and inserts, E-learning/m-learning material, Spec. sheets, sell sheets, and pharmacovigilence documents.



With BURG you have a dedicated contact that personally manages the entire team, including any integrated services, and reviews your final deliverables to ensure high quality and satisfaction. We take great care in nurturing our relationships. The quality of our service is also measured by our ISO process. The seasoned staff at BURG knows what approach and methodology are best for complex projects, and because BURG employs the latest technology in the industry, we are able to meet your needs efficiently and cost-effectively.



At the core of quality is accuracy. We start by hiring the best. Our recruitment standards are more rigorous than the ISO 17100:2015. Below are our requirements:

  • Native speaker of the target language with near-native knowledge of the source language
  • Minimum of one college degree
  • At least 5 years’ experience as a full-time dedicated translator or editor
  • High proficiency and proven expertise and experience in specialized fields of translation
  • Success at our proprietary industry-specific translation-skills, technology and customer service tests

To us, our translators are more than just translators; they are close colleagues with whom we have been working daily for years – in some cases, for decades.



We are a medium-sized company. Most members of our team carry specialized skills with different types of expertise, allowing us to handle a broad range of projects to meet your needs. The average experience of a team member is over 11 years.



In our industry, technology dictates our ability to perform four functions to various file types: receive, analyze, manage and translate. Between our integrated workflow system and various translation memory programs, we have the ability to efficiently handle thousands of projects per year, and deliver them on time and ready for presentation.


To consistently meet the high accuracy standards of your industry, our process is a specially designed risk management approach that minimizes the probability of a translation error reaching the final version of your deliverable. We capitalize on the synergy created by the sequential use of four key components: our translator, independent editor, translation memory and trained reviewer. With each component, and our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17100:2015 corrective and preventative actions (CAPA) procedures, the probability of unnoticed errors diminishes with each project. Not all ISO processes are the same. With over five years of certification, our quality-control system has over 100 pages in documentation and is a proven process.


Gain a strategic competitive advantage through integrated vendor management workflows.  Decades supporting your industry give us insight into your particular needs. For this reason we offer the integrated services you need at a single point of contact:

Life Sciences:

  • FDA-defined Health Literacy
  • Linguistic Validation


  • Document Review
  • Academic Equivalency Evaluation
  • Certified Translations

Marketing & Advertising:

  • Audio/Video Translations
  • Localized SEM


  • MSDS/SDS Conversion


  • Multilingual Publishing

Insurance & Finance:

  • Certified Translations



The Knowledge Center (KC) is a free resource for you to learn everything from how to write for translations and choose the right translation partner to how to manage a large website translation project. Here, we demonstrate our expertise and experience in dealing with your kinds of projects and files. Benefit from free knowledge about our industry and how to make the best decisions regarding translations.



Industry leaders work with BURG because they feel safe putting their translation needs in our care. Since many of our clients have been with BURG for decades, they have benefited from millions of dollars in still-accumulating cost savings.

Recently we exhibited as the exclusive translations agency for the Seventh International Congress on Peer Review and Biomedical Publication, a gathering of the most prestigious biomedical publication companies and publication researchers in the world.

Your success is our success and we look forward to contributing to your firm’s future success.


As the largest and oldest translation agency in Chicago, we have a long-standing reputation of being a reliable translation partner for some of the most well-established firms in the area. We are known for our focus on consistently delivering quality on-time, at a good value and with incredible client focus.  Feel free to see what some of our clients have said about us.


We have embedded speed into our service by requiring a maximum of 1-hour response time for your requests.  Moreover, to help you manage your own timelines, we offer 24-hour project status, so you will always be kept up to date on project progress.


With over 80 years of business experience, we have had time to cultivate an elite corps of professional translators and editors around the world. In 2014, we translated documents ranging from scientific journal articles to websites into over 80 different languages using our global team located in over 60 different countries.

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