What our hospital and healthcare clients have to say about BURG

For over 40 years BURG has been providing medical translations and interpreting for hospitals and the healthcare industry. Our clients range from top-tier research hospitals to non-profit blood donor clinics.

As a full-service language services provider, BURG’s hospital and healthcare clients have access to the highest quality, medically-qualified translators and interpreters, managed services, and testing and training of bilingual, in-house staff.

Our clients know we are here for them 24/7 with expert translators and interpreters providing over 450 language options, including rare languages.

Read about what some of our hospital and healthcare clients have to say about working with BURG.

What is the greatest benefit to you by using BURG Translations?

Patricia Crane

The benefit of using BURG is fast turn around with excellent quality of work!

Michele Klem

Quick and easy for all of our company’s needed services. Customer Service from Erin and Sarah is spectacular!


The initial confirmation of request was immediate even as an employee was transitioning and the completed order was quickly returned. Excellent service!


Dae and Michelle are both great with asking the right questions to make sure the team does the job right. They also respond quickly and follow up constantly to make sure we are on pace to receive the work at the highest quality. The translations come out great as well per our internal proofreader. Overall a 5-star experience, no doubt!

Bindiya Patel

Quality, quick turnaround time and exceptional customer service are the benefits of using BURG.

Hidemi Kajimoto

BURG provides a quick response. Thank you!

McKay Glasgow

One of the greatest benefits of using BURG is the quick turnaround. Greatly appreciate it!

Chiquila Benjamin

BURG deserves a 10 out of 5. The customer service we receive is always impeccable, the turnaround time always spot on, and I don’t ever have any issues.

Becky Andrews

Your team continues to be responsive and thorough. Excellent service. Thank you!

Gillian Kapurubandara

They are very easy to work with!

Sara Conley

BURG Translations is easy, on time, and very professional.

Carol Laning

Everything is done in a timely manner and efficiently. Our project manager does a great job. Always there to answer questions. Thank you all. We look forward to continue working with you in the future.

Vida Cater

Great communication, quick turn around, wonderful project managers!

Cathy Markey

My requests for translations in Korean and Russian were handled in a timely and efficient manner. Price quote was quick so I was able to get an approval. I appreciated the authenticity, friendly service and quick turnaround.

Laura Stueckle

As usual the translation works wonderful!

Thao Louis

The translation was on point and the IRB approved it without any issues. A big thanks to your team for always providing excellent services.

Liz Caffrey

We have been very happy with the interpreting service. We appreciate the broad variety of languages available at the last minute, since we aren’t always able to anticipate a patient’s needs.

Sherri Gaines

All translations are returned in a timely manner and in the timeframes that were specified. Thank you for your outstanding service. It is truly appreciated.

Kelly Perry

You guys always do a great job for us. BURG is always so quick with the quote and translation. Thanks.

Claudia Soronellas-Brown

We are keeping a log of the requests that we are able to review; for last month, we reviewed two. Farsi request: excellent. French request: very good.

Diane Ngo

What is a benefit of BURG? The amazing customer service and working with them has been great.

Lottis Myrna

I am very satisfied with the service we receive from BURG Translations.

Belinda Mandrell PhD, RN

Satisfied with service and quick response!

Ashley Peterson

We were 100% satisfied with BURG’s service. We did have a few edits after we had time to review the documents and they turned them back around very quickly. Everything has been great! I worked in Customer Service once too and you guys did a great job at reaching out even if we don’t have anything, just reaching out to make sure that we’re okay.  When we do have projects, you communicate timely and well with us. Thank you for always checking in and making sure that we’re okay, for the customer service that’s going above and beyond, I appreciate it.  I came from procurement world and dealt with a lot of vendors and lot of the time esp people who work with customer service of any kind. Most of the time you hear more about the things that go wrong than the good things, so I always like to give credit where it’s due.

Sara Hingtgen RN MSN

I use BURG all the time. BURG Translations services have been very reliable and quick.

Mike Farrell, RN

Delays in research are very costly and when there are many delays, it hinders the approval of new (and very needed!) drugs. Many thanks to BURG Translations for their quick turnaround time and attention to detail in handling what are sometimes very large and complex consent forms.

Blair, Bonnie J.

BURG is not only the most reasonably priced but the preferred vendor for our internal interpreters.


BURG provides quality translations delivered on time.

Nicola Borok

BURG is quick, reliable, and consistently high-quality.

Barbara Joyner

What I love about BURG is the turn-around time. They are always willing to work with us in a timely and professional manner.

Daniel Connor

The process is very easy and quick.

Cherita Dowell

Great, friendly staff, quick to respond, always meeting and exceeding my expectations. Paula and Team members are very helpful and meet the requests in a timely manner.

Paul Sechler

BURG is always proficient and the translations are accepted without any dispute by all customers!

Mary Ann Kiernan

Translations done within days.

Debra Fitzpatrick

BURG is responsive, professional, easy to work with.

Michele Klem

BURG is super easy to work with and very friendly!

Alexander Vasiliev

I’m happy with how things are, pleased with the work, always have an updated response, very timely, provides the quote right away, confirms the receipts, delivers them in time which is really good, that keeps us manage our flow. I like the fact that you follow-up, Michelle and Dae, if anything is missing, an invoice or anything. It’s a good reminder for us. It helps us keep connected so things don’t get misplaced, and we don’t get behind on deadlines. So, I appreciate the constant response and feedback from you.

Bincy Mary Baby

Quick response and timely work.

Michael Autrey

BURG is an excellent vendor to work with and Analia Cordoba’s customer service is absolutely exceptional! It is a pleasure to work with BURG translations!

Katharine Idrissi

They were very professional and the turnaround time was very efficient. Thank you!

Becky Andrews

I speak highly of you and the effort that your team does. It was a big bidding process, and we did look at 3 different vendors when we were renewing the contract, so we did a lot of work in finding the best translation company. The team is great. I think these quarterly meetings are beneficial; we’re always finding ways to improve and further build the relationship. Angelo has a great team below hand and knowing your passion and what the commitment is from BURG is great. I worked with another translation company before we brought you on, and definitely there was a 180 degree improvement. Everything is timely, responsive. I feel totally comfortable if I have a question, or if something would be resolved or something needs an explanation. Very good customer service, excellent all around, so I am happy.

Paul Sechler

Always quick to respond and your team returns quick and accurate translations. Analia is always courteous and answers questions quickly!

Sean Moore

My project was a last minute rush and the BURG team completed it in the time I wanted and did the job very well!

Monika Berrier

Great communication. Very quick translation turnaround.

Olga Bogatova

Great communication, timely delivery, great quality of work. Thank you!


Excellent communication and fast service.

Michael Autrey

Amazing customer service, fast turn-over time, incredible people, a joy to work with!

Stephania Chirita

Professional services, prompt response, quick turnaround time.

Ashley Rhee

I have worked with BURG Translations and they are an amazing organization. I have only good things to say about working with them!

Niveditha Subbiah

We have been using BURG for all of our translation needs, the service is excellent, and the turnaround time is very quick. Their customer service is great!

Maricarmen Windisch

Paula/Dae are very courteous and provide excellent customer service. They are prompt in responding to e-mails, providing quotes, and delivering translations in a timely manner. Both are great to work with.

Patsy Burnside

Done in a timely fashion

Elizabeth Wingfield

You all did an amazing job with a complex project. You caught pieces I missed and were flexible when I had to make changes. I’m always happy and grateful to be working with you all on these projects.

Maricarmen Windisch

Paula and the team are always helpful and have gone the “extra mile” when we have a RUSH translation for our patients.

Amber Jin

Quick to respond, translate, and answer requests.