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Language Services

Get help on any of your language-related challenges

Don’t let language be a barrier to success. As a full service translation agency in Chicago, BURG Translations offers our clients a complete package for managing translation and localization projects. From translating and formatting your important documents to helping you reach new international clients through website localization and audio/video localization, we can help you with the challenges of working in a global marketplace. With more than 80 years of experience as a language service provider, BURG has successfully cultivated an elite corps of language professionals, project managers, and ISO quality management experts to offer our clients maximum quality in the shortest time possible. Contact us for a complementary consultation.

Have a greater impact by translating your documents into a language people will understand

Style Guide Creation

Improve formatting consistency between files, faster turnaround times on translations, and higher quality output

Glossary Creation

Keep your branding consistent across languages with a custom multilingual dictionary

Health Literacy

Meet FDA approval and better engage your audience by ensuring your material is written at no higher than an eighth-grade reading level

Certified Translations Services

All our translations are certified and approved for legal use

Multilingual Publishing Services

Your multilingual print-ready publications on demand

Linguistic Validation Services

Meet FDA standards for the translation of patient questionnaires by applying the Linguistic Validation process

Audio Translation Services

Make your media globally accessible

Video Translation Services

Make your media globally accessible by creating multilingual messages for marketing, organizational training, or company messaging

Transcription Service

Make recorded files searchable for information and reference

Certified Translation Services

Gain insight and advantage with audio or video transcription translations

Multilingual Voice Over Services

Connect with your audience in their language and voice

Subtitling Services

Maximize viewer comprehension, retention and online SEO with subtitling and closed caption support

Make your audio-visual content clear without the need for speakers or headphones

E-Learning Translations

E-learning is the future of education. Reach more students in more languages, more places and improve comprehension and interaction

Website Translations

Expand market share by reaching your target audience online and on their phone – around the world

App Translations

Multiply user base by putting your app in the languages found in other countries

Secondary Research

Locate key information within foreign language online sources faster by enlisting our team to research for you


On-site language support to get the job done


Save time reading long and complex technical documents by letting us summarize it for you the way you want it


Do business in any language with professional interpreting services

Knowledge Center

Learn everything you need to know about translations for free from our Knowledge Center


Save up to 15% or more on translations on repetitive text between and within files


Get a general understanding of millions of words and a perfect understanding of what matters to you


Know the value and equivalence of a foreign educational credential


Meet visa requirements and complement your academic equivalence evaluation

Guaranteed global compliance of all MSDS/SDS documents

Localized SEO

SEO for your new local market

European Language Industry Association


American Translators Association


Globalization and Localization Association


ISO 17100:2015

Better Business Bureau


ISO 9001:2015