The future is now: Real-time translation has arrived on Skype

Without a doubt, the world is shrinking. Today’s global business climate involves more deals with overseas clients. More conversations with people in other languages are taking place. And, more partnerships across borders are forming.

Conducting business across international time zones is often tedious, though usually beneficial. When you arrange a meeting, you must also arrange to have a translator present. That is, until now.

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What real-time translation means

Imagine you are on a business trip to Paris. Your company just launched a new prescription drug with great success in North America. Now you are ready to bring it to France – a market that has yet to see a drug like yours.

Upon arrival, you realize that those basic French classes you took in college are not going to get you through your trip. Although you know the basics, finding your way around the capital city is difficult. To make matters worse, the only samples of your product you have available are in English.

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