Why you need linguistic validation

Why you need linguistic validationGet a group of people together from various countries and you’ll quickly discover that there is no such thing as a direct translation. What means one thing in English could mean something completely different in Spanish.

When performing medical studies or case studies in various regions, you need to do more than basic translation. You must also understand the context of language in each region. All this falls under the category of linguistic validation.

Defining linguistic validation

There is a growing need for translation in the medical industry. Drugs, devices, and tests are getting sent or conducted worldwide. Your Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs) depend on accurate labels and claims.

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BURG: the right pick for pharmaceutical translation services

BURG: the right pick for pharmaceutical translation servicesWhen it comes to pharmaceutical translation, it’s not enough to have someone skilled in a particular language; you must have someone skilled in your industry. Pharmaceutical translation projects have a unique set of needs and standards. Meeting these standards requires a perfect combination of industry experience and linguistic expertise.

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