How to get a document translated for free

We decided to write an article about how to get a document translated for free because, sometimes, clients who are new to translations are surprised that translation costs literally more than a few dollars.  The advent of Google Translate and similar services have skewed client expectations into believing that translations is all done by computers and that it takes only minutes to deliver. This is only true if the LSP literally uses machine translation (MT), but even then, it’s not always possible to apply it to a document and, in most cases, is a terrible idea.  In this article, we cover three ways to get a document translated for free: Read more

Barriers keeping post-edited machine translation from being more widespread

It’s a sad reality. We live in a world where instant gratification is a demand, not a luxury. When a job needs finishing, you, your project, and your clients cannot afford to wait.

In spite of the high demands for projects to get finished, wait times still exist. With only 24 hours in a day, jobs that rely on human intellect and skill are often slowed when a translator reaches capacity.

As the demand for immediate results increases, so does the technology to help companies like yours. This is certainly the case in the translation industry today.

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The future is now: Real-time translation has arrived on Skype

Without a doubt, the world is shrinking. Today’s global business climate involves more deals with overseas clients. More conversations with people in other languages are taking place. And, more partnerships across borders are forming.

Conducting business across international time zones is often tedious, though usually beneficial. When you arrange a meeting, you must also arrange to have a translator present. That is, until now.

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The rise in popularity of machine translation

It’s the start of many memes, jokes, and laughs on the Internet: machine translations. Anyone who has tried to plug a sentence into the Google Translate tool knows that once in a while, a computer struggles to churn out a perfect, grammatically correct translation. While some errors are subtle, many are humorous. In the worst-case scenario, machine translations are culturally offensive.

With so much on the line, many wonder why a company would ever leave marketing materials, product information, or research in the hands of a computer. Yet, studies show that machine translations continue to increase in popularity.

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5 benefits to post-edit machine translation

If your business wants to compete in today’s market, listen up. From customer service to product packaging, your customers expect to have access to your communications in their native language.

As you consider the volume of information that needs translation, you will undoubtedly realize that communicating in a variety of languages is not easy. You need enough content translated to meet your customer’s high expectations, but you cannot afford to translate more than necessary.

The amount you are able to translate all boils down to your budget and timeframe.

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When to use enhanced machine translation

Technology has come a long way in recent years. With so many technical tools at a law firm’s disposal, your objective has become to leverage technology in a way that saves you time and money.

Now that machine translations are getting more sophisticated, you’ve probably considered using them to help translate important client and case documents. But you also don’t want to risk machine error when it comes to sensitive documents.

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Google translate problems and benefit

When you work in a highly detailed and technical industry like language translation, it can be a challenge to educate your audience on the benefits of using the appropriate tools. For example: Google Translate can be extremely useful, in the right context. It’s great for giving you a quick translation for a word or phrase, but not really ideal for a medical device elabel translation, as an example, as this is something that must pass inspection and scrutiny with local officials. Machine translation simply cannot compete with humans here. Read more

Will machine translation replace human translators?

We’ve seen great strides in the realm of machine translation. An entire generation of language students no longer has to pour through dictionary entries to painstakingly translate Spanish homework. It’s as simple as typing in a phrase on Google Translate.

Or is it?

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Where to go for translations

As a Language Service Provider (LSP), it is common to hear horror stories of machine translations (MT) gone wrong, or when a trusted colleague of a client left a few too many errors in a client deliverable that bring into question the accuracy of the translation as a whole.  There is a time and place for Google Translate and for asking a trusted colleague for help.  This article explains what translation options are best for which translation projects.  There are five options to consider:

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