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With over 75 years of experience as a language service provider, we have been careful to define our own areas of specialization. While some translation companies try to be all things to everyone, at BURG, we maintain our focus within the areas of our proven expertise. The result is an exceptional high level of professional excellence and proven quality.
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With an ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038: 2006 translation process, BURG Translations has a culture of impeccably high quality and client satisfaction, providing the highest level of performance at every stage of every project for every client.

Make Success a Tradition

More than 75 years of business means BURG Translations has cultivated a team of translation professionals that offer quality, experience, and reliable success.

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Translation Services in Chicago

For 75 years, BURG Translations has helped companies succeed globally by providing full-service translation services. BURG specializes in technical translations from medical devices to pharmaceuticals to contracts and patents to websites and apps. We are located at 134 N. LaSalle St., Ste. 1550, Chicago, Illinois 60602. You can contact us at +1.312.263.3379. We are preferred translation partner for translation services in Chicago.

Chicago Translation Service for technical Industries

Our expert translators produce high quality translations to engage your target audience. We provide translation services to technical industries including life sciences, legal, manufacturing, insurance & finance, marketing & advertising, publishing, and immigration.

in 2014, our professional translators translated into over 80 languages including French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, German, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and Italian.

Browse through the list of translation services below and choose the one that meets your specific needs.

website localization services

Website Localization

Website localization adapts your website to the local language or languages of your target demographic. By doing this, website localization can expand your market boundaries in a number of ways. Learn how we can help you with website localization.


Software Localization

Localizing your software strings and screenshots ensures a solid understanding of your products by the end user in your targeted international markets. Learn how we can help you launch your software across international markets.


Certified Translation

BURG translates all types of immigration related documents, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, educational certificates including high school diplomas, university diplomas, university class content and scoring systems. Learn how we can help you with your immigration translation requirements.


Document Translation

For more than 75 years BURG Translations has demonstrated the quality of their business translation and certified translation by translating thousands of documents for their clients. Learn how BURG can help you with your document translation needs.


Linguistic Validation

The Linguistic Validation process of Patient Questionnaires, or Clinical Tools, is designed to translate the patient-reported outcome (PRO) in a way that is reliable, accurate, and conceptually equivalent. Learn more about how we can help you with linguistic validation.

e-learning translation services

E-Learning Translation

Training programs are critical to international growth. BURG can help you take your training online and have your corporate and technical educational programs localized for different languages and cultures.

desktop publishing services

Desktop Publishing

BURG Translation has an in-house team of DTP specialists who handle multilingual formatting on both PC and Macintosh platforms. Learn more about our desktop publishing services.


Audio & Video Translation

We offer a wide range of audio and video production; creating multilingual presentations for marketing, organizational training or company messaging. Learn more about audio and video translation services.

msds to sds conversion services

MSDS/SDS Conversion

BURG offers REACH compliant MSDS / SDS format and language conversion services. We provide MSDS conversion from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) format to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) international format. Learn more.


Medical Translation

When you work with BURG, you work with a highly experienced team of translators, editors and project managers who will seamlessly execute your medical translation project.


Hospitality Translation and Interpretation

BURG has more than 20 years of experience in Hospital translation and interpretation services. We are ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15038:2006 certified.


Language Translation

We translate and localize for over 250 languages including all major Asian, African, American, European, and Middle Eastern languages. See how we can help you.

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Fields of Expertise


Life Sciences

Facilitate critical data collection, market expansion, and help raise product awareness internationally.



Accelerate the discovery phase, manage more visa applications during cap season and more with our specialized legal translation services.


Marketing & Advertising

Proper localization of marketing and advertising terms is one of the most difficult aspects of global translations. It is absolute essential for the translator to understand the local terminology of a country or region.



Manufacturers must typically craft error-free products in heavily regulated industries. As an ISO certified company with a dedicated quality management system, BURG provides exceptional results for both small businesses ready to launch their first, international products and large global corporations developing new products for emerging markets.



Our experience is extensive in helping a wide range of companies and organizations with their print and online publishing needs. We have translated and formatted a variety of documents including medical abstracts, pharmaceutical and clinical articles, academic books, medical journals, catalogs, medical device manuals, marketing brochures, and technical publications.


Insurance & Finance

Policies and financial statements are some of the most common documents we handle. Standardized language in these industries allows us to employ the latest technology to minimize costs to our clients.

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  • Proven Quality

    As a full service language provider, BURG Translations offers our clients a complete package for managing translations and localizations. From translating and formatting your important documents to helping you reach new international clients through website localization and Audio/Video Training, we can solve the challenges of working in a global marketplace. 

  • Proven Experience

    With more than 75 years of experience as a language service provider, we have been careful to define our own areas of specialization. While some translation companies try to be all things to everyone, at BURG, we maintain our focus within the areas of our proven expertise. The result is an exceptional high level of professional excellence and proven quality.

Translation Service in Chicago

Proven Expertise Across Global Markets

We have been in business for more than 75 years, and with our history comes deep expertise and wisdom. In 1936, a German translator, Frida Burg, officially registered BURG Translations as a privately owned S-Corporation. Since then, three more translators have succeeded her as owners and managers of the company. Today, BURG is a successful translation agency, offering a wide variety of language services with proven expertise across multiple global industries.

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BURG Translations’ global headquarters is in Chicago, Illinois.

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